The world as we know it all evolves around a circle. The Earth is depicted as a circle filled with oceans and land masses. The sun and the moon are illuminated circles blessing our eyes daily. Since we are born into this circle, we fall in love with the idea of this geometric shape being life itself.

This season think about ways you can bring your ancestors dreams full circle or how you can make your legacy be a lucrative and loving circle.

Here are 4 tips to get you started:
1. Go seek out four key people in your family to discuss mogul level game plans.
2. Gather your items around the house and donate them. Do a goodwill. It opens the gateways to allow things to flow in a circular motion.
3. Get rid of any people, habits of things that stop the flow.
4. Gear up for a million dollar business and get $500,000 in coverage.