When gifts are mentioned what comes to mind are mostly tangible things. This ranges from toys for kids, or jewelleries for your spouse or electronics for the home. Other times the gift may be money, or even securities, like bonds, stocks etc. In other times it might be family vacation, dinner at an expensive restaurant, or even a trip to an amusement park.
Maybe you have never really considered it as a gift but it is in every sense of it, some people belong to the school of thought that ever since the Phoenicians invented money, there has never been a perfect gift while others argue that the best gift one can give their family is security and peace of mind. Life insurance undoubtedly becomes the meeting point for both sides of the aisle. It is an excellent gift considering the fact that it is considered as a financial product providing financial security and peace of mind at the same time.
Our families depend on us for financial and emotional support but we cannot dispute the fact that we are all mortals. I perfectly understand that we don’t want to think about the idea of sudden death or critical illness, but the reality is we all get older every 24 hours. With this comes the obvious question,
In the unfortunate but inevitable situation where you can no longer provide for your family, do you have a perfect plan to continue to support your family financially?
Duration, terms and conditions of every policy should be carefully analysed because it is just as important as the coverage itself. Although younger people may not take seriously consider life insurance, gifting these heirs a $500,000 policy will always reign as the best December to remember. The best way to keep the beautiful memories we made with our kids, parents, business partners, family and friends alive is to construct a legacy with a financial safety net. Thus, giving each loved one the tools needed to focus on the dreams and aspiration you once shared with them.
The best time to purchase a life insurance policy is now! Rate are often less expensive when policies are bought before one enters their later years in life.
It really doesn’t matter how many gifts you have given to your loved ones, a life insurance policy undoubtedly will be your very last opportunity to provide for them. It is important that you begin to see life insurance as the most important gift you can give to your family or friends, this is a true definition of saving the best