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Legacy Blazers, YOUR TIME IS NOW

Today is the perfect time to move towards your good for life reality. It is time to upgrade your mindset, budget like a boss, and monetize your gifts. By leveraging the proven strategies I’ve acquired over the last 20 years as an author, entrepreneur, homeowner, educator, and speaker, you too can tap into your abundant destiny.

Let's make passive income, wealth-building assets and financial freedom yours.

Ready to write your book? Think about your top three pivotal moments in life. Let's transform your story into a legacy asset.

This is a power duo series of financial literacy and personal development. Let's create your happy, healthy and wealthy reality.

Gianna is an energetic and motivational speaker in high demand. Whether speaking in the boardroom or the classroom, she catapults audiences worldwide to move from dreaming to doing and scarcity to abundance.

Not only do we offer live training, but our team also curated courses for increased self-belief, assets, credit, personal development, and business profits.


Communities in Schools College Readiness Program

Rockdale County Economic Empowerment

Clark Atlanta Financial Literacy Day

TRIO Student Conference

Dekalb County My Sister's Keeper Program

Black Educators Rock

Department of Family & Children Services

TRIO Student Conference

Rolling Out Magazine

Let's build your good for life legacy

Welcome! I’m Gianna Brown here to help you

budget like a boss
upgrade your mindset
monetize your gifts

Join my Wealthy Bestie League for money and mindset tips.
Plus, get the inside scoop on inspiring wins, wealth building tactics and new, life-changing programs.

Let's begin here

I teach ambitious leaders and brilliant scholars how to apply the wealth- building and mindset techniques I’ve learned since buying my first home at 23, raising my credit score by 200 points, paying off $20,000 in debt in 6 months & selling my first 1,000 books.


We are proudly continuing our mission to impact 1 million students and parents over the next 10 years. Via synchronous and asynchronous programming, we cover topics such as personal development, financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Our state-of-the-art curriculum is aligned with national standards and global expectations. Leveraging twenty years of experience, we engage, educate, and enrich participants, ultimately moving them to a higher level of self-worth and net worth.

We would like to thank you and we have truly enjoyed you over the course of this semester. I know the students have walked away with a wealth of financial knowledge! You were very informative, graceful and present with our group. By the way, they loved the car dealership activity. It was spoken about on the bus ride home.

I am your asset-rich, story-teller guru.

As a bilingual professional, certified educator and licensed financial specialist, I understand the innerworkings of monetizing your story.

My team and I work with you to craft a book to showcase your challenging triumphs and pay respect to your conquered trials.

We believe people must profit from the pain by not letting their tears be in vain, but by allowing them to enrich their net worth.

Books are legacy assets, ones that generate passive income indefinitely.

Today, we vowed to help goal-rich people just like you craft your best-selling book and impact one nation at a time.

Now, is the time to share your story and widen your pockets too.

Provided quick turnaround on all my requests; offered an amazing alternative cover so I could have an option; made suggestions for clarity and smooth transitions to make reading flow easier; and she produced proper formatting so Publisher accepted and printed without rejection. I was blessed to have her on my team.
Ms. Ross
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Gianna Nicole Brown is a professional motivational speaker and corporate trainer with over a decade of presentation and on stage experience. Her speeches are high energy, funny yet informative, and earn rave reviews from event attendees.

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