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You have what it takes to achieve more with your money, you just need the right tools and a compassionate guide to show you how! Gianna Brown provides a holistic and inspirational approach to overcoming the mental barriers that are getting in the way of your financial success story from coming true.

The Money Cheerleader got her start at a young age. At just 12-years-old Gianna knew how to make her dreams a reality by starting her own daycare business from her living room, as well as a hair salon in the garage. That incredible ambition and drive is what led her to one of the most prestigious schools in the country, Spelman College. Despite taking out student loans for her education, she was able to turn her financial circumstances around and purchased her first home at 23-years-old. The wisdom and lessons she learned along her own journey have led her to helping others achieve that same success. If you’re ready to begin this transformative experience, there are a few ways to get started. First, be sure to dive into her incredible insights mapped out throughout her two inspiring books available for purchase. For those who want a more in-depth training, the Spring Coaching Group will immerse you into the process of true change in a safe, supportive environment of ambitious

Gianna knows how to help you navigate your choices and build a more fulfilling future. From finances to professional and physical mindset changes, her motivational guidance is designed to lift you up while showing you the most direct path to success.

For the last three years, the program she presents to our families are fantastic. The students and their parents learn how to manage money and build a budget. Just by explaining the inner workings of the mindset and money, the participants learn how they work together to be successful.

Mr. Colbert
Former Principal

These teachers were amazing and compassionate. They treat you like a family right off the bat. Ms. Brown was super uplifting. One of things I took away from her and the classes in general was to know I am a queen. I know now that I can do anything I put my mind to. I would really recommend having her in your life for anything.

High School Student
South Carolina

I am the mother of daughter who has diabetes and I do have multiple sclerosis. I had nearly a troke, although you have an amount of sick leave or long-term disability, the funds will run out. I ecided this is it. I reached out to Gianna becuase I knew if I could just have a plan going forward that we could get through this particular relapse. the program she presents to our families

Dr. OIiver
Georgia Educator

My family and I own a HVAC business. We’ve been in business since 1971. I highly recommend Gianna Brown to help you with your business and to get your finances together. It is very important for us to get a handle on our money.

Business Owner

Gianna unveils the true beauty of a budget, a financial plan and even entrepreneurship.

Candace Williams
Co-founder of Journey Pillow

I encourage anyone looking to change their economic “life” status to call Gianna: I did.

Peace Corey Hambrick
Total Life Church

From the first text message, Gianna was caring, helpful and informative. Even when we got sidetracked, she was patient and refocused us on our legacy goals. Our family and I now feel confident in our decisions. We appreciate her.

Steven and Talima
Family of Four

There are people who come into your life and enrich your soul. When COVID hit I met this fabulous woman @thegiannabrown through Instagram. I chose her to provide financial literacy to my TRIO students. Through this process, I also learned from her and transformed my life through an #abundancemindset. My students saw my gains. I am so glad we could connect when she attended the #txtrio conference.

Ms. Sanchez
TRIO Director

We would like to thank you and we have truly enjoyed you over the course of this semester. I know the students have walked away with a wealth of financial knowledge! You were very informative, graceful and present with our group. By the way, they loved the car dealership activity. It was spoken about on the bus ride home. 

Mrs. Taylor
Georgia TRIO Director

Gianna & her team provided quick turnaround on all my requests; offered an amazing alternative cover so I could have an option; made suggestions for clarity and smooth transitions to make reading flow easier; and she produced proper formatting, so Publisher accepted and printed without rejection. I was blessed to have her on my team.

Ms. Ross
First-time Author