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About the pre-teen entrepreneur turned serial entrepreneur

Who is Gianna Brown

The cliff notes & receipts version

I am an award-winning author, a motivational speaker, a degree-rich professional and a certified educator raised in metro-Atlanta, GA by way of Philadelphia. As a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of degrees coupled with deeds. By employing the life lessons and educational tools acquired over the last two decades that I’ve learned since starting my first business at 12 years old, buying my first home at 23, raising my credit score by 200 points, paying off $20,000 in debt in 6 months & selling my first 1,000 books.

Our company, The Money Cheerleader LLC teaches ambitious leaders and brilliant scholars how to be get good with money and be good for life. In short, I am your wealthy bestie sharing the life-proven wealth-building and mindset techniques that are helping me build a seven-figure legacy.

The colorful, chapter-rich version

I grew up in a goal-rich, family in the south

My mom was a social worker and singer, now real estate
agent. She refused to depend on a single source of income.
She pulled long hours and saved money to move us from
Valdosta to metro-Atlanta.

It wasn’t until I entered the schools with other students that I
realized we were not rich. With long pigtails and a southern
bell energy, I embraced my free and reduced lunch. My
mother filled the nutrition gap by juicing fresh carrot juice and
preparing homemade biscuits each weekend.

As I grew into a social butterfly, I felt the wealth gap again. I
secured a spot on the cheerleading team, joined the Beta
Club, signed up for the 4-H club and the dues mounted high.
To alleviate the financial demands, I started my first business.
It was actually an enterprise offering haircare, childcare and
even dog sitting. The way I saw it was you can either complain
about not having money or work to get a piece of the money
pie. Of course, I chose the latter.

Fast forward to the next fast and furious years

Just a few months after resigning from my job to work fully in my Body by La Gi business, the 2008 market crash hit. It seemed like overnight my home went from the $170,000 value to $17,000. Yes, even the judge stated I should probably sue the appraisers, but hey I was already rubbing wo coins together to stay afloat. In less than a year, I threw in the towel and moved from owning a home to renting a room from my family member. Ironically, what seemed like the end, was a fresh start to get crystal clear about budgeting, building and blossoming into the phenomenal woman I knew I could be. Now, I own a few properties, vehicles, shares, businesses, and books. This legacy asset also known as your wealthy bestie is just getting started. Join us.

Flipping failures into fortune proves favor is fair.

If my calling wasn’t a multi-generational purpose planted in the pit of my core, I would consider retiring to a nice home in Dominican Republic. Yet, I am a firm believer that doing double good, for both youth and adults, is better than any island retreat.

My blog #GigiGotYou serves as constant reminder that building a happy, healthy and wealthy life is quest you don’t have go after do alone.

My first book, Budget Like A Boss, is a testament of how to flip foreclosure into fortune seedlings.

It is a guide to the practices I employed to rebuild so that I could teach others how to do so as well. The biggest #getfinlit tip I give to you is to give each dollar a goal.

While working in the insurance and investment industry, the economics courses from Spelman College and my first five-figure month, highlighted the power of a goal-rich budget. I was able to pay my bills for 90 days in two weeks. Budgeting like a boss is the cost I proudly pay for financial freedom and peace.

Wow! My bigger calling set a flame; a light bulb went on. From that point, I – this was committed to doing double good for good-hearted families committed to a well-funded legacy.

My company are all in for teaching adults and youth how to adopt an abundance mindset, monetize their gifts, and design their own concept of the American Dream.

To date, we’ve engaged, educated and enriched over 5,000, gifted and promising people just like you, from all walks of life add purpose to their days and goals to their hard-earned dollars.

Let's make passive income, wealth-building assets and financial freedom yours.

Ready to write your book? Think about your top three pivotal moments in life. Let's transform your story into a legacy asset.

This is a power duo series of financial literacy and personal development. Let's create your happy, healthy and wealthy reality.

Gianna is an energetic and motivational speaker in high demand. Whether speaking in the boardroom or the classroom, she catapults audiences worldwide to move from dreaming to doing and scarcity to abundance.

Not only do we offer live training, but our team also curated courses for increased self-belief, assets, credit, personal development, and business profits.

2 Homes, 2 Books & 2 Vehicles later, we are committed to helping 20,000 people in the next 2 years.

If I haven’t tested it, I don’t teach it!

There’s no shortage of advice out there on how to build a business, get sales and make passive income.

Most of it is BAD advice from people who’ve never actually built anything.

My promise to you is to practice what I preach.

I’m not scared to share the things that DON’T work for me as well as the things that do, so that you can learn from my successes and sidestep my failures on your way to earning passive income.

There are a few good reasons why I am called The Money Cheerleader, and I love to call them my wealthy bestie.

It’s not because I arrived at multi-millionaire status, yet, but it’s the multiple streams of income and magnetic energy I exude.

If our paths crossed, then we belong at the table. Here we serve wealth on a platter with strategies and support. I only share the tried and proven life changes I’ve implemented to recover from a foreclosure, recharge after burnout and rebuild a six-figure net worth.

My goal is to help you make your greatest comebacks, too. Are you ready to build a business, write your first book, get thousands of sales and make passive income?

Be sure to join our Wealthy Bestie League.